Skill Training & Employment for Women

A quarter of the world’s population is at the age of 15 to 29 and almost half of them are unemployed. It is essential that there are viable job opportunities for the youth, especially for women as many countries have gender bias which makes it difficult. In a labor market, there are two key factors which determine success in finding a job, i.e., training and education. Skill training and employment for women programmes enables them to develop skills that can lead to work. It also leads to landing better jobs, better pay and performance.

Benefits of Skill training:

Better employment opportunities: Women who receive skill training have a higher probability of employment than those who don’t. It applies to people of all income levels and across wage employment. That data is from France’s Contrat de Qualification and Uganda’s ELA programme.

Shorter time to find jobs: As per a few studies conducted on women who have received skill training, the unemployment duration and probability of being jobless for a long time was less. Training along with counseling on job search provides a lot of benefit to women in finding suitable jobs.

Retain jobs: The training programme ensures that those women who are trained can retain their jobs for a longer duration. That means they are employed for more extended hours and get more benefits like leave and bonuses.

Higher earnings: Those women who attend skill training a likely to have better earnings as companies offer more wages to those youth who are already qualified and hence can be productive from the first day of work.

Better quality of employment: A women who is trained is more likely to land a better quality job than someone who has not undergone any training. That also leads to better earnings and wages.

Top jobs for women: Women are no longer restricted to specific, and there is a great deal of transformation happening in the global marketplace. Women bring empathy, kindness, and creativity to the table along with the job-related skills which provide more job opportunities to them than before. Listed below are a few job opportunities.

  • Event Management: There are many programmes for women where they can learn event management skills. Getting trained will enable better presentation and program management. It also gives the trainee a much-needed confidence booster. An event manager needs people management and communication skills. It is believed that this sector will see a growth in a variety of other industries like tourism, weddings, media, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship: This job involves bringing more shape to your ideas and also creating an effective marketing plan so that you can sell it to people. Women are effectively able to make products and market it using the internet. There are many benefits that a women entrepreneur can get: flexible working hours, working in the area of interest, satisfaction, unlimited earning ability and most importantly better quality of life.
  • PR and marketing: A marketing degree provides many job opportunities which can be flexible as well as well paid. There are many sectors in which you can find marketing jobs like the corporate, private companies or you can be self-employed. There is tremendous growth expectation for this industry in the next few years and women are expected to have a significant share as they can create better connect with fellow women and also bring their skills and experience to the work front.
  • IT: There are many opportunities available in this sector for women. There is a vast underrepresentation of women in this industry, and there is a gap of 1.8 million in cybersecurity.  Companies are looking to close this gap by developing programmes to engage and retain women in this domain. Some countries like Australia are providing training to students to overcome the shortage of skills especially in the area of cybersecurity.
  • Healthcare: This is a sector which is predominantly female oriented, and it is expected to grow more in the coming years. It is an industry which requires the empathy and patience which are of high-value and believed to be substantially present in women. Health care providers offer flexible working hours, good pay and an ability to work anywhere in your country or the world. The registered nurses and aged care providers are among the top occupations to have the most number of jobs.

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