How are the Arts & Crafts being trained for students in Central Oregon Arts?

Craft is diverse and it showcases the rich history and culture prevalent in the community. It promotes optimal use of resources and sustainable usage of materials. Art and crafts brings out the creativity and expertise in an individual. At Central Oregon Arts we strive to promote the in-built talent in an individual. We offer top notch educational programs practicing the following strategies:

  • Promoting studio practice after acquiring holistic technical skills
  • Creating a Secure Environment for Innovation and Experimentation
  • Embracing historical, modern and cultural forms of art and craft
  • Providing assistance through mentors
  • Exchanging information freely
  • Eco friendly concepts
  • Bridging the Gap between Creativity and Academics
  • Instilling skills like patience, commitment and discipline
  • Engaging in critical disclosure
  • Cooperative learning environment
  • Creating global consciousness
  • Awareness on alternative materials for sustainable studio practices

Skill Training & Employment For Women

Pottery and Ceramic Classes

Come indulge in creating exquisite crafts with clay. Our pottery and ceramic training program focuses on how to use the wheel, creating a work of art, glazing, decorating and working with the fireplace.

Sewing Crafts

Come discover the new sewing craft experience with our training session. Sign up for some inspirational sessions on how to be innovative with your sewing skills. We teach basics to advanced skills for both children and adults.

Jewelry Making Classes

Spark off your sense of creativity with metals, wires, clay, beads and gemstones with our practical oriented jewellery making course. Hone your talent under our guidance and build a career in the jewellery designing.

Skill Training and Employment for Men

Jobs are hard to come by with competition rife in every field. Our initiative strives to connect the jobless with jobs by creating a flourishing career path for today’s youth. We understand the challenges in finding the right job matching your interest and skill levels and offer skill training with employment assistance. Our skill development courses include classroom training, volunteering, youth programs and service training. We teach marketable skills both technical and occupational. The individuals are trained at their own pace giving them an opportunity to explore their career options. The advantage of our training is hands on experience giving them heads up in their career.

Basic Computer Skills Training

Lack of computer skills could leads to poor productivity. Computer literacy is crucial in developing nations. Our role is to provide basic computer training for the socially deprived to give them a chance to face the mainstream competition with confidence and succeed.

Martial Arts Training

Martial arts training can be taken for self defense or to improve fitness. It is also seen as endurance training to complement other sports. Men taking up this training gain a sense of confidence and increases focus in their day to day activities.

Personality Development

For professional and personal success a positive personality is the key. It comes through training. Personality development training brings out the originality in you, giving you confidence to face the challenges of life with a sense of positivity.

Workshop on Oregon Regional Arts

The Central Oregon Arts lays its primary focus on building a community rich in promoting art and culture. The major services include workshop for regional arts. We are dedicated to preserve the art, culture and heritage of the community through continuous workshops conducted by renowned artists and craftsperson in the field. We believe in learning by doing and have opened up the doors for educating the aspirants in the field. The participants are encouraged to plan, create and succeed through our workshop and funding programs. At regular intervals the outcome of the program is measured and more such workshops are created for the benefit of the community.

Workshop on Skill & Employment Training

Targeted training is the key to improving employability in the youth. Participation in workshop for Skill and employment training gives an opportunity to feel the pulse of the employer. It equips the individual with pre employment skills and prepares them for the job. The training includes developing a skill and equipping them to face the interview with confidence. We also give awareness on various industries to give our trainees and insight on what to expect. Our programs are structured to offer versatility, achieving clarity, measuring outcomes and improving on the competencies. Any job seeker with the age eligibility and registered as job seeker are eligible for the training program.