Engraving “Fine Art” Through Wedding Photography

Wedding in one’s life is considered as the most enchanting, crucial and the most memorable day. This day marks the beginning of a beautiful life for the couple getting married. This festivity witnesses a variety of emotions such as fun, love, sadness, promise of commitment, etc. Capturing a festivity with such mixed emotions always becomes a great challenge when it is not handled by photographers specialising in Wedding Photography. Every moment captured becomes a memory of a lifetime.

Each couple in the present era, expect their day of love to be captured uniquely, thus insisting photographers to think out of the box. The trend setter nowadays in wedding is “Fine Art” Wedding Photography, which creates an explicit storyline describing the complete celebration.

Defining “Fine Art” in Wedding Photography

In the world of art, defining the word “ Fine Art” can be a topic filled with controversy. Some feel that it’s a false promise provided by many Wedding Photography companies by using the term, so as to show an increase in the cost. Many are unaware that there is a fine line that does separate normal Wedding Photography and Fine Art Wedding Photography. When one goes through the history of Photography, it took decades for one to accept that Photography is also a form of Art.

The element of art is given utmost importance while capturing a specific moment rather than just clicking what is seen in front of the lens. The aspect of “Fine Art” helps photographers compose the frame with a very unique perspective and a precise storyboard to the whole wedding celebration.The ingredient to a perfect Fine Art Wedding Photography does not just comply with the Photographer but also the couple and moment being photographed. Every perfectly captured Fine Art photography is filled with varied emotions and sentiments spread across the festival. From here – https://expertphotography.com/fine-art-wedding-photography/ – you can able to kno wmore about fine art wedding photography.

Relationship Between “Fine Art” and Wedding Photography

Image Representing A Close-up View of Stunning Indian Bride wearing a beautiful smile on her face during her Wedding Ritual.

The relationship that “Fine Art” and Wedding Photography carry are commendable. Viewing wedding as a fairy tale with elegant decorations, the wedding dance, the adorned bride and groom, with an artistic eye gives a captivating effort for both Fine Art and Wedding Photography to work well together.

Every Fine Art photographer captures each moment with an eye for the art that encapsulates that very frame and not just as any another picture. The planning and care taken to pre-prepare for the same is exemplary. The technique of using creamy and soft based lens provides a very fantastic and elegant look to the images. It is very rare to find couples preferring a very traditional style of wedding. Thus capturing the images in the most fun and artistic manner is what gets the best appreciation.

Techniques to Ensure Best Fine Art Wedding Photography

  • Every Scene is Captured in Detail

A Wedding Bouquet, Groom’s Shoes, Bride’s Dress, etc are all the regular ingredients present in a wedding. Capturing them artistically with an abstract perspective and in bringing out the Fine Art in them is the work of the artist. Getting into the minutest detail of every aspect associated with the wedding such as the décor, the elegance and the theme, etc contributes to making a very Fine Art Wedding Photography. Usage of Macro lens gives precision to all the fine detailing of the Cake, the accessories like the silverware, the flower arrangements, etc. The major area that needs care is the composing and framing of the shot.

  • An Out-Of-The-Box Idea

Having the newly wed holding their hands in the shape of a Heart can be considered as an Out-Of-The-Box Idea, which will not only go hand-in-hand with capturing every detail but also adds to the Fine Art aspect of Wedding Photography. Every image that gets captured allows the spectator to also feel the personality of the creator through what has been shot. Usage of accessories such as prism or in other times a crystal ball will give natural but subtle effects of its own. Editing by changing the colour pallet can also add to the already existing beauty.

A Beautiful Capture of An Indian Bride and Groom Holding Their Hands during the wedding ritual.

  • The Couple’s Personage

The main aspects that cover the frames of Wedding Photography are the bride, the groom, their families, friends and the invited guests. Their personage along with the creativity of the photographer makes a world of difference to every moment shot. The role played by Fine Arts allows one to experience a storyline created by the pictures captured. Couples laughing, getting the bridesmaids and groomsmen to hold Placards, jump, run, etc are some ideas that will add more fun and colourful appearance. Helping the wedding party by asking them to be natural and bring out more of their true and happy personalities aids to capture moments filled with memories to take along for decades to come.

Bringing out the finesse of the whole celebration by narrating a story through the pictures captured, its composition of frames and most importantly going one step ahead in taking chances and risking to experiment always helps achieve deeper endeavour and come out successful. By creating lasting moments that live a lifetime with the newly wed not only lets them experience about the best about themselves but it also allows the artist to explore more when it comes to the aspect of Fine Arts in Wedding Photography.

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