Art Central is the hub of all knowledge pertaining to the Arts & Culture Council of Central Oregon & its non-profit programs and partners. Art Central was created with the singular vision to propagate an environment of art and culture where the artistically bend people can flourish. This vision is fulfilled through our mission to enrich every corner of the Oregon community with arts.

Council of Oregon for arts and culture is backed by funding that is provided by both public and private partners. This funding is used to serve schools, institutes, artists, residents, and organization located in the various counties of the state. Some of the help that we offer is:

  • Host community gathering where people can network and make connections
  • Provide grants to struggling artists, schools and non-profit institutes
  • Convene forums
  • Create a program and oversee it that helps mix art and culture in the regular curriculum of public schools
  • Give any technical assistance to artists like providing workshops
  • Raise funds along with awareness for the arts
  • Manage a public art program

We are more advocates of culture and arts than anything else. Through our public art program, we integrate the culture in public places. Through the use of funding, we give financial support to artists and other assistance like printed and electronic resources.

A comprehensive place that promotes arts and culture for all that is the end goal Art Central has set out to achieve. We are slowly but surely attaining it.