Focus On Usability To Boost Your Page Rankings

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seo-on-pageWhat comes to your mind when you are looking for a firm to handle your SEO in Chennai? If you think that SEO is all about keyword research and nothing else then, you are wrong. Keyword optimization is an essential part of seo to improve rankings. However, keywords are not the be all and end all.

Search engines do not rank your page based solely on the keywords on your page. Rather they also take into account the Metadata, the average time users spend on your site, the broken links, the rate of bounce and the front links as well as back links. If you are looking to improve the Search Engine Page Rankings for your website, to pull in more visitors to your site, then you must also consider all the other factors that determine the ranking of your site. Check out these latest ways to boost your page rankings at

Though it’s important that new visitors view your site, it’s also important to ensure that they spend time reading your content. This is a great way to easily boost your page rankings. You can get started with this, by improving the usability and the UX (User Experience) of your site. In this short article, we cover a few important aspects of usability and how to change it to impact web ranking.

What exactly is website usability?
Website usability includes several elements of designing a web page to make it highly user-friendly and to provide an enhanced user experience. Here are the few factors of a web page design that have a direct link to the ranking of your web page.
· Functionality
Can an average user who lands on your page meet his/her objectives easily without having to stumble around the site? For instance, consider a travel web page that makes travel bookings for customers. The web page must be designed in such a way that the user can find the desired information they need and proceed with the booking without any glitches.
· Efficiency
seo-onpageEfficiency is the next step to functionality. The user must not only be able to do the desired objective but also must be able to perform it efficiently. If visitors to your site aren’t able to navigate easily around your site or can’t find the desired information they need, they are more likely to move away from your site. Remember that shorter the time a user spends on your site, lower is your page ranking.
· Unique Factor
Can users easily find your site the next time they search for it? Repeat traffic is a great way to boost your search engine rankings.
· Learning Curve
The learning curve for users on your web page shouldn’t be difficult to surmount. More the time users spend on learning to navigate and use your site, the lesser the time they spend looking at your products or services. Also, if they can’t find what they are looking for, they are not likely to return back to your site.
· Preventing Errors
Errors on your web page not only affect usability but also affect SEO rankings immensely. Avoid broken links, page not found errors and so on.

Do not fail to work on the usability of your web page if you wish to boost your SEO rankings.

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