Creative Workshop by Dorit Harvey and Sarah Hwang!

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Creative Workshop

Brain Food: Creative Play by Dorit Harvey

On December 8, 2014, Dorit Harvey conducted an activity known as Brain Food. It is suitable for children of various age groups. They will be provided creative challenges and fifty cards for the activity. It is the best activity for kids who want to spend their days in the indoors especially during the chilly weather conditions. The activity will engage the child and keep them active throughout the holiday season. The Brain Food can be purchased in various ways. You can easily purchase online through Buy Olympia. It is also available at stores of local businesses. If needed, you can meet the team at Convention Center. They will be present there on December 14th and 13th.

Brain Food is an excellent food for kids and adults. If you are doubtful whether you are using right brain or left brain to think, then you need to test your skills with this activity. It was created by artists, designers, and educators as an affiliation between The Right Brain Initiative and AIGA Portland Design for Good. Ensure to add Brain Food as part of your shopping list in the holiday season.

Arts IntegrationDigging Deeper: Teachers Opinion about Right Brain

Have you ever wondered how teachers respond outside the classroom? Right Brain has launched the second workshop as part of professional development series. The name of the workshop is Arts Integration – Digging Deeper. In this workshop, the teachers were trained various teaching methods. They are given the training to use various kinds of drawing to teach the students. It will help the students to remain careful observers and resourceful. It is actually the best experience for the teachers where they were exposed to various advantages of arts education.

The teachers were taught to integrate arts while teaching their regular curriculum. It will help the students to understand the concepts better. The teachers engaged actively open discussions regarding teaching philosophies and classroom techniques. The training event resembled like a friendly gathering. The teachers communicated with each other and shared their experiences and stories to come to a conclusion.
The Right Brain professional team took the initiative to bring teachers together. It was hosted by Sarah Hwang.

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