HillsBoro Art Classes Dates and Price



Fall Watercolor Class

Hillsboro art and culture council is conducting various classes in Oregon. The fall water color class is scheduled between 10/1 and 11/12. There will be no class on 10/29. If you are passionate about painting and arts, then this is the right chance to develop your skills. Explore your creativity without any pressure exercises. You can gain confidence and experiment with colors, washes, brushwork and other techniques. Materials will be provided for the applicants. It is open for adults above eighteen years age group. The address is Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, 527 E Main Street, OR 97123.

Painting Explorations

It is open from October 1 to 22,2015. In this painting class, you can learn to bring vibrant scenes and images to life. Play with texture, brushwork, color and more by exploring foundational painting skills and techniques that several popular artists have used in their memorable paintings. When you learn to view the world like an artist, you will start to explore the power and happiness of painting. Unleash your joy and creativity by indulging in hands-on activities with lots of fun. It is sure you will start to develop your exclusive creative expression in this painting class. It is open for candidates between nine and twelve years. Residents will be charged $47 and non-residents will be charged $62.

young-sculptorsClay Creations for Young Sculptors

If you enjoy creating and playing with clay, then you have to enroll in Clay Creations class. Share your creativity in the clay course. It is a hands-on and dynamic class where you can learn easy to make techniques and learn to create amazing 3D sculptures. You can experiment by creating surface textures with various colors through exciting techniques. You will learn to create from magical creatures and animals to cups, masks and more. It is open for kids between five and eight years age group. The classes will be from October 1 to October 22. The timings of the class are 3.30 PM to 5 PM. The residents are requested to pay $56 for the course, and the non-residents have to pay $70.

Using Zorn Palette for Portrait Painting

The session will be on October 24 and October 25, 2015. The timings of the session are 9 AM to 4 PM. The candidates will learn to paint the representation of a surviving model by using only four colors with Zorn palette. Sarah Sedwick will be the instructor. She will be instructing about the limited palette in order to attain color harmony. It will help the learners to easily complete the art process from start to end. The fee for two days workshop is $200 plus an additional fee for the model.

Creative Workshop by Dorit Harvey and Sarah Hwang!

Creative Workshop

Brain Food: Creative Play by Dorit Harvey

On December 8, 2014, Dorit Harvey conducted an activity known as Brain Food. It is suitable for children of various age groups. They will be provided creative challenges and fifty cards for the activity. It is the best activity for kids who want to spend their days in the indoors especially during the chilly weather conditions. The activity will engage the child and keep them active throughout the holiday season. The Brain Food can be purchased in various ways. You can easily purchase online through Buy Olympia. It is also available at stores of local businesses. If needed, you can meet the team at Convention Center. They will be present there on December 14th and 13th.

Brain Food is an excellent food for kids and adults. If you are doubtful whether you are using right brain or left brain to think, then you need to test your skills with this activity. It was created by artists, designers, and educators as an affiliation between The Right Brain Initiative and AIGA Portland Design for Good. Ensure to add Brain Food as part of your shopping list in the holiday season.

Arts IntegrationDigging Deeper: Teachers Opinion about Right Brain

Have you ever wondered how teachers respond outside the classroom? Right Brain has launched the second workshop as part of professional development series. The name of the workshop is Arts Integration – Digging Deeper. In this workshop, the teachers were trained various teaching methods. They are given the training to use various kinds of drawing to teach the students. It will help the students to remain careful observers and resourceful. It is actually the best experience for the teachers where they were exposed to various advantages of arts education.

The teachers were taught to integrate arts while teaching their regular curriculum. It will help the students to understand the concepts better. The teachers engaged actively open discussions regarding teaching philosophies and classroom techniques. The training event resembled like a friendly gathering. The teachers communicated with each other and shared their experiences and stories to come to a conclusion.
The Right Brain professional team took the initiative to bring teachers together. It was hosted by Sarah Hwang.

Public Awareness Campaign: National Arts Education

Arts EducationIt is said that young people participating in the art education for about three hours, alternative days in a week for one year have chances to do well in the academics. If the student spends three times a week for art classes, then he/she has chances to be elected as class leader in their school. If the students attend four times a week, then he/she could do exceptionally well in school academics. If the student participated in art classes more than four times, then they could easily participate in the science and math fair. It is important to provide favorable opportunities for your children to succeed. Here sharing information about arts campaign in Oregon.

Arts Education StandardsCongressional Findings to Support Arts Education

Sen, Thad Cochran tool resolution and confirmed arts education month as March. It was introduced in the year 1999, June 30. The Senate added that language should be supportive along with arts education. The resolution was passed on March 2, 2000.

Arts Education Standards

What the kids should learn when they come to arts class? What should we do to reach high? The arts and education specialists have set world class standards to make the arts education a useful one. They have set thinking on the national level. The suit was followed by most of the states.

Crossing Boundaries: The Arts and Learning
In January 2000, people who fund for the arts and education programs gathered to evaluate the relationship between practicing for knowledge based and learning through the arts economy. It is progressed to find out the methods of thinking that art teach and to evaluate current study about the behavioral and cognitive assets arts education grows.

Simple Ways to Develop Art Education


Learning arts will help the child to develop creative and collaborative skills and critical thinking essential to accomplish in the present changing world. If the child’s school does not provide theater, dance, music and art classes, then it is hard to expect developments in your child. Here sharing tips for parents to bring art into their child’s lives.

Participate: It is best to actively participate and show your child the joy behind involving in the art. You have to dance, draw, read a book, play music and sing along with your child to bring them interest.

Arts EducationSupport: Boost and give confidence to your child when they participate in creative areas. You have to encourage them to participate in community and school art activities.

Go read: If you have a library near your home, then you can take your child along with you and try to read classics. You can read classics like Wait Whitman, Mother Goose, etc.

Speak up: Attend parents’ teacher association meeting or school board meeting and share your opinions with sufficiently sponsored arts education programs. It mostly remains out of school budget. You have to learn the importance of arts education before attending the meeting.

Take the lead: It is best to tell your child’s principal or teacher how arts will help in education for your child. You can provide them assistance if needed. Ask them whether they require any help.

Think local: Read your community website or local newspaper to find details regarding local arts and cultural events. It should be enjoyable, and your kid should like the event.

Quick Facts about Arts Education in Oregon

Quick Facts about Arts Education

Did you know?

Students or young people participating in art classes for three hours on subsequent days throughout a year are:

painting-classFour times possibility to win a prize for writing a poem or essay
Three times possibility to win a price for school attendance
Four times possibility to take part in a science and math fair
Three times possibility to be selected as class leader within the school
Four times possibility to be acknowledged for academic achievement

When you compare young artists with their peers, they are likely to
Read for satisfaction, pleasure and happiness more than twice or often
Perform or take part in community service four or more times
Take part in youth groups frequently or more than four times
Attends dance, art and music classes frequently or three times a week

Some interesting facts about art education

It brings a great change and development in your child. It is proven that arts help the child in the learning field crossing social and economic boundaries.

The impact is measurable. If the youth is at risk or suffering with truancy or behavioral problems, the arts education will help in overall academic performance. The youth has to be indulged in arts or other forms of activities after their schooling. Nowadays, several summer arts campaigns and programs are focused toward delinquency prevention.

Arts education helps to build the school climate with academic rigor, discipline, and high expectation. It attracts businesses transferring to your community.

Arts education offers an excellent opportunity for business, community and parental involvement with schools, humanities, and arts organizations.