Sculptors are invited by The Arts Council of Lake Oswego!


Arts Council

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is planning for award-winning outdoor sculpture exhibition – Gallery Without Walls. The sculptors are requested to submit proposals and qualifications for the sculpture exhibition. If the work gets selected, it will be used at a public art exhibit in the Lake Oswego city. It will be used on a loan for about two years. It should be available for sale during that period.

Gallery Without Walls was introduced in the year 2001. It has grown into a large exhibition of about sixty sculptures. It is created by artists of international and regional acclaim.

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Dogwood Arts Regional Fine Art Exhibition


Art-ExhibitionThe Dogwood Arts Regional Fine Art Exhibition was established to display and honor the best artists of Oregon region. A talented juror who are passionate about region’s creative culture and has sufficient experience in arts will be invited. The juror will select the best art covering all genres and styles created by both established and emerging artists.

The artwork will be displayed from April 1 to April 29, 2016. The Dogwood Arts will accept artworks that have been created by artists aged eighteen years and above. It should be created recently or last two years.


2016 Calendar
January 15, 2016, is the deadline for early bird application.
January 22, 2016, is the deadline for late application.
On February 12, 2016, an acceptance notification will be sent via email.
April 1 to 29, 2016: Return shipping and exhibition dates.
Return shipping will be between April 29 and 31.
April 1, 2016: Award ceremony and opening at The Emporium.

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Linus Gallery Invites Talented Artists

Talented Artists

Like scales, shells, feather patterns, fur coats and more, each and every animal has some exclusive feature that makes them look fascinating. Whether it could be domestic animals or wildlife animals, Linus Galleries is interested to see your innovative interpretations portraying the beauty found among various species of fauna. The title is open to international, national, domestic and local amateur and professional artists. The participants can submit all kinds of art mediums like mixed media, fabric, wall sculpture, photography, drawing and paintings including graphite, pastels, ink, acrylic, oil, etc. Artworks of size about twelve feet are acceptable.It is necessary to create work that can be hanged on a wall of the live exhibition area. Freestanding 3D artworks and paintings will be displayed on the internet only.The deadline to send entries for this exhibition is 11/10/2015. The cost for three entries is $3. If there are any additional entries, $5 will be charged.

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Portlandia Celebrates 30th Birthday

BirthdayPortlandia is designed and built by Raymond Kaskey. The artist took around three years to complete the entire status. It is almost one third of the size of Statue of Liberty. It is said to be the only largest statue in the nation. There is no statue of this kind seen in the country.

The 30th birthday of Portlandia is planned to celebrate in a great manner. The public can visit and attend the party for free of cost. It will be celebrated on October 8, 2015, that is Thursday. The party will begin at 1.30 PM noon. It is planned to be organized at The Standard Insurance Plaza crossways from Portland Building. The address of the location is 1120 SW 5th Avenue.

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Ginger Gray Entertainment Invites Artists of Oregon

Ginger Gray EntertainmentGinger Gray Entertainment is arranging a No Hunger November charity performance for serving food to South Dakota. They have also planned to arrange an art exhibit called Hunger Through your Eyes all the way through the event. The artists of Oregon are requested to submit their applications and provide complete information for the event.

EntertainmentThe event is hosted by Ginger Gray Entertainment, LLC. It is located in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The main theme of the event is Hunger Through My Eyes!

The name of the event is No Hunger November. It will be conducted on November 14, 2015, Saturday. It starts around 6.00 PM. The event will be organized at Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, SD.

Submission Guidelines

If your artwork is selected, the Ginger Grey Entertainment LLC will contact you regarding display preferences. Artwork could be in the form of literary (short story or poem), sculptures, paintings, drawings, and photographs. The last date to submit the application form is 10/4/2015. Please click for submission guidelines and information regarding the event.