Linus Gallery Invites Talented Artists

Talented Artists

Like scales, shells, feather patterns, fur coats and more, each and every animal has some exclusive feature that makes them look fascinating. Whether it could be domestic animals or wildlife animals, Linus Galleries is interested to see your innovative interpretations portraying the beauty found among various species of fauna. The title is open to international, national, domestic and local amateur and professional artists. The participants can submit all kinds of art mediums like mixed media, fabric, wall sculpture, photography, drawing and paintings including graphite, pastels, ink, acrylic, oil, etc. Artworks of size about twelve feet are acceptable.It is necessary to create work that can be hanged on a wall of the live exhibition area. Freestanding 3D artworks and paintings will be displayed on the internet only.The deadline to send entries for this exhibition is 11/10/2015. The cost for three entries is $3. If there are any additional entries, $5 will be charged.

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