Ginger Gray Entertainment Invites Artists of Oregon

Ginger Gray EntertainmentGinger Gray Entertainment is arranging a No Hunger November charity performance for serving food to South Dakota. They have also planned to arrange an art exhibit called Hunger Through your Eyes all the way through the event. The artists of Oregon are requested to submit their applications and provide complete information for the event.

EntertainmentThe event is hosted by Ginger Gray Entertainment, LLC. It is located in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The main theme of the event is Hunger Through My Eyes!

The name of the event is No Hunger November. It will be conducted on November 14, 2015, Saturday. It starts around 6.00 PM. The event will be organized at Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, SD.

Submission Guidelines

If your artwork is selected, the Ginger Grey Entertainment LLC will contact you regarding display preferences. Artwork could be in the form of literary (short story or poem), sculptures, paintings, drawings, and photographs. The last date to submit the application form is 10/4/2015. Please click for submission guidelines and information regarding the event.