Santa Fe International New Media Festival


New Media Festival

Nowadays curators are looking for new and unique forms artists use technology as a medium for communication and expression. They are exploring ways where developers, programmers and scientists integrate the aesthetics and arts into their projects and explorations.

The festival will take place all over the city. It will be helpful in venues all through Santa Fe. It includes the center for the contemporary arts, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Santa Fe Art Institute, Axle Contemporary, Peters Projects, the Institute for American Indian Arts where the digital dome facility is located, Santa Fe Railyard Plaza and Warehouse 21.

FestivalThe Currents 2016 exhibitions provide multimedia performances, workshops, and panel discussions. The public can access all the events and exhibitions for free of cost. The categories included in the New Year are as follows:

Interactive installations and 3D printing for children
Oculus Rift
Art-gaming/Web-art/Mobile device applications
Interactive documentary or experimental
Multimedia performance
Animation and single channel video
Architectural mapping and outdoor new media installation
New media installations

The application will open on September 2015. The deadline to submit the application form is 11/15/2015.