Public Awareness Campaign: National Arts Education

Arts EducationIt is said that young people participating in the art education for about three hours, alternative days in a week for one year have chances to do well in the academics. If the student spends three times a week for art classes, then he/she has chances to be elected as class leader in their school. If the students attend four times a week, then he/she could do exceptionally well in school academics. If the student participated in art classes more than four times, then they could easily participate in the science and math fair. It is important to provide favorable opportunities for your children to succeed. Here sharing information about arts campaign in Oregon.

Arts Education StandardsCongressional Findings to Support Arts Education

Sen, Thad Cochran tool resolution and confirmed arts education month as March. It was introduced in the year 1999, June 30. The Senate added that language should be supportive along with arts education. The resolution was passed on March 2, 2000.

Arts Education Standards

What the kids should learn when they come to arts class? What should we do to reach high? The arts and education specialists have set world class standards to make the arts education a useful one. They have set thinking on the national level. The suit was followed by most of the states.

Crossing Boundaries: The Arts and Learning
In January 2000, people who fund for the arts and education programs gathered to evaluate the relationship between practicing for knowledge based and learning through the arts economy. It is progressed to find out the methods of thinking that art teach and to evaluate current study about the behavioral and cognitive assets arts education grows.