Quick Facts about Arts Education in Oregon

Quick Facts about Arts Education

Did you know?

Students or young people participating in art classes for three hours on subsequent days throughout a year are:

painting-classFour times possibility to win a prize for writing a poem or essay
Three times possibility to win a price for school attendance
Four times possibility to take part in a science and math fair
Three times possibility to be selected as class leader within the school
Four times possibility to be acknowledged for academic achievement

When you compare young artists with their peers, they are likely to
Read for satisfaction, pleasure and happiness more than twice or often
Perform or take part in community service four or more times
Take part in youth groups frequently or more than four times
Attends dance, art and music classes frequently or three times a week

Some interesting facts about art education

It brings a great change and development in your child. It is proven that arts help the child in the learning field crossing social and economic boundaries.

The impact is measurable. If the youth is at risk or suffering with truancy or behavioral problems, the arts education will help in overall academic performance. The youth has to be indulged in arts or other forms of activities after their schooling. Nowadays, several summer arts campaigns and programs are focused toward delinquency prevention.

Arts education helps to build the school climate with academic rigor, discipline, and high expectation. It attracts businesses transferring to your community.

Arts education offers an excellent opportunity for business, community and parental involvement with schools, humanities, and arts organizations.