Apothecary for the Anthropocene by Deanna Pindell in Oregon


ExhibitionThe Anthropocene is the term used to explain a new period in which human action applies significant control over global environmental situations. Artist Deanna Pindell plays a significant role in the allegorical apothecary installation. Is the environmental crisis and looming climate remains cured by widespread cultural change, personal responsibility, and self reflection? It helps to discover where we position as a species along with the environment sustaining us. The Portland Building Installation Space will be displayed with riddles in sets on the walls.

anthropocenePindell will be showcasing the riddles to the viewers. The viewers can easily get answers to the riddles with the help of mason jars escalated on the shelves. There will be more than one hundred mason jars arranged on the shelves. The jar will contain relic or some figure of a physical artifact. It will remain as a reference where our society has planned to make unconsciously or consciously. The jar contains com seeds that are genetically modified, coupons from Walmart and tiny bird skull.

You need to visit Portland Building to view the exhibition. It is situated at 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Downtown Portland. It is open from 8AM to 5PM. It will be opened from Monday to Friday. Apothecaries for the Anthropocene will remain open from September 28 and runs throughout October 23, 2015.

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